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  1. Toonces


    I heard this is more secure and faster than IE. Does anyone use this? Are there any issues to consider before switching?
  2. There are really no significant issues to consider when switching to either Opera or Firefox. I wouldn't count on there being fewer security holes than IE but they are both good products with a different feel to IE ... find out which you like better.

    Also Google Avant Browser and Slim browser. Both of these are good and are "different" front ends to Internet explorer with popup blocking, tabbing etc.

    Opera may have a speed edge over the others but last time I tested it Slim and Avant seemed faster. Firefox is good but is very slow to load and has a bigger memory footprint.
  3. stantonj


    I use both Opera and Firefox. The neat thing with Opera is the ability to save and open sessions. You can have multiple tabs open to different sites, save that as a session, and close Opera. The next time you start Opera, that session is automatically loaded for you. And if the browser crashes, it will open as well (even if you've saved the session or not.)

    Have fun.
  4. When maintaining more than one browser, is there a quick way to switch between them?..is it just a mouse click?

    And can you have two screens open with different browsers at the same time?

    Michael B.
  5. gnome


    Yes, open 2 browsers and tab between them.

    As for browser preference, I find the Adblock feature in Firefox helps a lot in revisiting favored sites. (It seems that which slows browsing down the most is ADVERTISING. Any site with lots of little ads is subject to getting bogged down if one or more of the ads is slow.)

    Also, I especially like the Boomarks Toolbar in FF.
  6. ok,

    I'm going to check the websites...Thanks..

    Michael B.
  7. adblock plugin is even better. it blocks flash ads too! you can specify URLs which you can block all major online advertiser's URL.

    you can even block google style text ads, but i usually leave those on, cuz i might be interested in those companies while i'm doing my searches.

  8. etouch


    Opera is great and best choice. You will love it!
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