Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tlamont, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. tlamont


    Does anyone know about the service with OpenTick? Is it reliable?
  2. Instead of relying on somebody else's opinion, why not just create an account and try it yourself? There are no costs except exchange fees for real time data.
  3. tlamont


    I mean the tech support. What I see on the site is a 24 hour response time to email and two numbers that ring to something called Freedom Voice Mail and a fax machine. i don't want to use data and then if it fails not be able to get a hold of any body, ya dig?
  4. I tried it for just historical data download, it sucks, didn't work and others I have talked to said the same thing. Get what you pay $$$ for.
  5. ajk


    I've had accuracy problems with their historical data, and so far they have failed to respond to my only support query.