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  1. I'd like to see opentick ( as a datafeed on more platforms

    especially AMIBROKER

    $250 one off fee for AmiBroker R/T and around $20 per month for data = GOOD VALUE

    only question is about the quality of the opentick feed...
  2. Have you used OpenTick on RightEdge ( RE is in beta, but I'm using it now. Haven't used OT on RE yet, but would be curious if anyone else has. I've heard the question of feed quality come up before and I'm not sure that its been answered.

  3. I've posted a couple of question marks before about Open Tick data. It all seems to be moving along in the right direction though...

    Suggest anyone interested check out the Open Tick forums.

    I too am trying out the RightEdge beta, it's pretty slick, intuitive, fast, easy to use and has massive future potential.
  4. momo,

    do you know if it's now reasonably possible to get historical tick data with OT?

    last time I checked, it didn't really work.
  5. The last time I checked historical tick data with OT was about 6 weeks ago. There appeared to be some problems with CME data at that time. I haven't checked for any progress since then.

    I will be investigating this week when I play around with RightEdge some more.
  6. yeah I am very interested in RE - don't have the time to beta test but I certainly will trial when they release...

    open tick is a very interesting phenomenon and I personally would like to support it - it is the ideal and the way things should be, data ONLY exchange fees, then the platforms can compete!
  7. Fee structure is likely to change in the future unfortunately.....that is, once they've leveraged the experience of all the guinea pigs currently trialing out the software and submitting patches to their code base i.e doing all of the work! :eek:

    I'm not just being cynical. They have explicitly stated that the fee structure will change in future :mad:
  8. Well, they went from pay to non-pay if that's of any consolation.

  9. Yeah, I remember. Going non-pay was a cheeky move to avoid having to provide commercial support - where they failed in the first place. At the same time, they get people to fix their bugs for them! During this period of non-pay, vendors have been put under pressure by customers to integrate with Open Tick, thus the adoption of Open Tick is growing. It's a stroke of genius really :) Then, when everyone is come the fees LOL.

    I'm not complaining though, I think it has great potential as a service. The more people that get involved the better.
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    Is opentick like an open source datafeed?
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