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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ej420, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. ej420


    it seems that OpenTick is not accepting new users currently according to their website. Does anyone have a clue when they might start accepting new users (maybe you spoke to them or heard from someone)?
  2. Baywolf


    Sounds like maintenance to the signup application. Try again tomorrow.

    Opentick is upgrading its network infrastructure and temporarily cannot accept new users. Existing users should not experience any interruption of service. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to accepting many new users, very shortly. Please fill out the following information and we will contact you as soon as we're ready.
  3. ej420


    Were you able to successfully sign up recently?
  4. MACD


    Opentick's data is really not very good for efficient daytrading.

    Yes it is almost Free -- So what can one expect.

    But if you are in need of reliable and accurate timely data with refreshes and with Bad Ticks corrected EVER -- then i doubt you will be pleased with the data from OT.

    I would be happy to pay them More for "clean" timely data but i have been a subscriber for about 6 months and find the OT data very poor by comparison to other data vendors. I still hang in there with them as I know they want to improve their service but won't stay with it much longer.
  5. ej420


    I am aware of OpenTicks limitations. All I want to use it for is for some historical data (last few months) for some stocks.
  6. I wonder if they will ever allow new users.
    Ive been watching them for months. I dont think they really exist anymore
  7. They exist just fine, I connect Ninjatrader to them all day every day...
  8. But are new users being accepted yet ?
    How's the performance of the feed with the new server farms ?
  9. I only have IB's feed to compare it with and I have not done so, I'll check them tomorrow... one poster said his fills were better with IB when he traded off the Opentick feed, that would indicate that Opentick might be ahead of IB...
  10. All my data feeds are unchecked and when I check one of them and submit I get this... I've been getting this since few months ago.

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