Opentick is it a waste of time?

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  1. Hi there does anyone on here have anything good to say about Opentick apart from it being free. I have had a look and the customer service doesnt exist it doesnt appear to have historical tick record or vol record so why do people use it? I would much rather pay money for a decent data service where people can be reached yes even IB!!

  2. If you can and want to pay money - do it!

    OT is for newbies only. For papertrading only. It is good opportunity to papertrade at no cost (YM fro ex.). Good datafeed is a must for trader who deals with real money, even for 1 contract/100 shares beginner.
  3. I have only tried it for stocks (not futures). The real time feed does seem to a lag quite a bit at times - well behind IB by several seconds. And there seems to be a lot of dropped ticks. So it couldn't be recommended for day trading. Might be adequate for swing trading depending on what you want. Or perhaps as a cheap backup feed.

    The historical data for stocks seems OK. I'm using it to keep a database of about 8K stocks updated with 1 min data. Further back than a couple of years and the historical data is a bit dodgy and there are gaps.

    I haven't tried it, but the historical tick data is supposed work. And there is supposed to be historical book data, which you probably won't get anywhere else.

    I use the Java API (actually a different API from the "official" one, very kindly provided by one of the users). It is a nice piece of work and substantially better than the official Java API.
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    Please provide link.

  5. Have a look at the OpenTick forum in the Java section. You will find the link there.
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    Thanks, found it.


  7. Mirus futures provides a great futures feed for free with Zenfire. I found their feed to be good when doing backtesting and paper trading strategies. I have used it with Ninja Trader with great success for market replays and live data.
  8. May I ask how do you install it?
  9. I've just tried creating a book viewer and can already see it will be pointless due to missing messages. I'm not going to even pursue ot any further.

    Any suggestions for other free/cheap/moderately priced real-time data Level II data services with API for custom apps?
  10. I have worked with Java and Python on a daily basis for quite a few years. If you are just starting out (I'm guessing this by your question) you may want to look at some of the other stuff they have.

    Just some friendly advice.
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