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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Bogan7, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hey there I was just wondering what people think about OpenTick data both real time and historical as I am thinking about using it for the US?


  2. Why not just sign up and try it for yourself? There are no fees except exchange fees if you want real time data.
  3. I have for the historical data and it is great quick and accurate now I am about to get the real Time only prob is I do a lot of stuff in Asia for which I use IB and I just dont like the hassel. But I think it maybe worth it
  4. I use it realtime with a NinjaTrader charting app and it is is not the best for realtime work but it is just fine for checking out various market info during the day. I use this so i do not have to have additional paid for feeds on multiple pc's I use.
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    How about quality of historical data?
  6. It seems at this stage 2 days in to be pretty good. I am NOT one the guys here that needs top quality data because I cant build or program like some on here but for what I need it is way better than IB (I know they arent data sellers)
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    NinjaTrader with OpenTick works fine for me.