Opentick Data For Backtesting?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by whoknows?, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Has anyone used Opentick yet for historical data?
    It is a free database, but I am wondering about its accuracy.
  2. I$land


    It seems they have free real-time data also.

    How reliable is it ?

    Does it work with QuoteTracker ?

    Maybe someone tried them out...
  3. Haven't had any problems. I have no concerns about data accuracy outside of there being gaps in the data for certain tickers and certain periods.

    There are delays in downloading certain historical data but once you have it, that's it.

    There has been quite a lot of improvements and enhancements over the months.

    You may wish to review the opentick forums:
  4. Yes there are free real-time data feeds. Exchange fees apply.

    I have not had any reliability issues but have not been running the feed for any extended contiguous periods of time.

    I'm not sure it has been integrated with QuoteTracker just yet but it has been integrated with:


    As per previous post, they have now been around for a while and are steadily improving their offering.
  5. I$land


    TraderMojo - Thanks for the info.

    Do you still have access to their data ?

    If so, would you mine posting a 3-min chart of HANS for Jan. 9th ?
    (from the open at 9:30 to 12:00 would be great).

  6. Trader Mojo,

    Thanks very much for the info.
  7. toe


    i have been using it for a couple of months, they have been very helpful in solving a couple of issues and aside from some occassional missing 1min data the history seems fine.

    however i will not use it for live trading again unless they fix the way they deal with dropped data connections. i had an incident in afternoon trading when the market was quiet, suddenly there was plenty of action and my system filled several orders, my partner watching on different data wondered why we were getting fills but to me it looked ok. we got creamed on all trades. then when we compared his charts to mine it was clear there were several minutes of made up data. after the close i downloaded the history and those same bars were missing.