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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by MGB, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. MGB



    Hello opentick users,

    Opentick has gone through a continual evolution over the past several years. Throughout that evolution, we have made many improvements to the feeds, the quality of data, and the service. Watch closely in the coming months for a lot of activity at opentick.

    Part of those current improvements include migrating to new hardware, faster storage, better Internet connections, and market data feeds sourced directly from the exchanges. This should decrease our current latency dramatically and blow away the competitors for real-time data. For the historical data, we are working hard to maximize the performance of our servers. With the migration, our historical data will be much faster in time.

    Please fill out the following survey to participate in the beta program. Even if you don't want to participate in the beta program, fill it out anyway to take advantage of new, low-latency offerings available only to opentick users.

    All the best,

    opentick team
  2. Free data feeds "blow away" pro-grade feeds that are priced accordingly.

    Another ET classic.
  3. RedDuke


    Any plans to add Eurex data to your list?
  4. frankl


    If they start to take money for their service, they must do more than "try to speed up their services".
    Eurex, european futures and stocks markets would be an option, i would pay for.

    Frank :cool:
  5. Guys - they just threw me off of their system - no discussion made at all. This was after waiting 84 hours for a resolution ! Keep in mind, this was all over a billing snafu where I thought I was getting level 1 CME e-mini data and was not. It was that simple.
    Wow, what a nasty bunch. Beware !
    (Imagine what happens with complex tech support problems !)

  6. KGTrader


    Hi MGB,

    Tried to fill the survey. But failed because
    I am not a registered user.

    Any idea please if opentick has any plans
    about accepting new users?

  7. Scorpian


    failed to complete the survey, not a registered user.