opensource trading-related .net/C++/Java libraries

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by runner, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. runner


    I'm looking for opensource trading libraries. I found the following at sourceforge:
    Ganius (Perl): TA, charting, backtest, MM, portfolio
    MAS (Java): TA, charting
    Merchant of Venice (Java): TA, charting, portfolio, papertrading
    Robotrader (Java): TA, charting, data download
    QuickFix (C++, .net, Java): FIX engine
    QuantLib (.net, C++): Quantitative finance libraries
    Ta Lib (.net, C++, C): TA libraries

    Opensource Statistical packages (according to another thread on ET):
    R, Octave, Root, Goose, WinDams

    Do you know any other trading related opensource programming frameworks/libraries? Thanks.
  2. mg_mg


    JAS ( is a very good project. Thought it is for high-energy physics, but the programming framework can be applied to financial analysis.

    SmartQuant ( used to be open source, but now becomes a commercial product with a price tag at USD$1,000. If you are lucky, you may find the source package somewhere. It uses ROOT, a C++ open source package, so if you don't use ROOT, it has no much use.

    Anyway there are many packages/toolkits for physics you can use for financial analysis, use google to do a search.
  3. runner


    mg mg, thanks a lot. I'll look at the JAS.
  4. Very nice. Thank you. But honestly, open sources are for newbies. Rich guru traders buy software or hire techies to develop software.

    By the way, any suggestion to find a job? Thanks.
  5. runner


    trader42, thanks a lot. now i got more tools to play around with. :)