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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by TIMMY57, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. TIMMY57


    Upon reading the forum's I've noticed that someone suggested about how they are trying to get OpenQuant to offer premium support (at least for a price), however on the open quant forums there is no mention yet of what their decision is.

    Do you think you'd you might be willing to do this? If so I'd be very interested
  2. fotox


    Premium support sounds good, maybe too good (read: "too expensive"). I would not suggest that path for OpenQuant.

    I would rather see a better collaborative environment for sharing, commenting and evaluating trading systems. For example, the support system in Wealth-Lab is something that could be helpful for larger groups.

    I would agree with other posts, that OpenQuant is clearly superior product. Best of luck in creating better support system, but with no extra costs for clients.



    ps. BTW, my first post in this arene :p
  3. TIMMY57


    when I say premium support, I'm not talking about "premium support" per say, just talking about support where you ask a ? and it gets answered in 24 hrs
  4. fotox


    OK. I agree with that.

    It seems that OpenQuant team at SmartQuant would need to pay more attention to the support issue. Superior product with lagging support is not necessary a good selling argument.