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  1. Hello,

    I am a prospective OpenQuant user. I plan to use the IB TWS with the OpenQuant platform. However, before purchasing the software, I would like to find answers to some of my questions. I have used the search option in the SmartQuant forums to answer a few of my questions but I would greatly appreciate anyone would kindly answer all of my questions:

    1) Although OpenQuant runs only one strategy for the time being, can one trade multiple markets (25-30) using that one strategy where the time analysis (Ex. 1m, 2m, 5m, 15m, etc.), stop/target values, order types, etc. are different for each market?

    2) In case of a loss of connection with the IB TWS, will OpenQuant try to automatically reconnect? A few “loss of connection” scenarios:

    It’s 13H and the application has generated a long signal. A limit order is sent to TWS. At 13H05, the limit order has not yet been filled and there is an unexpected loss of connection between the application and TWS. At 13H10, the limit order gets filled but reconnection to TWS has not yet been established. Will the bracket orders associated to this limit order be sent to the IB servers?

    At 13H15, the application is able to reconnect to TWS. The position is still open and the bracket orders are still pending. Will the application be able to determine where we are in the trading day and that for the long signal generated at 13H, there still is an open position and bracket orders associated to it?

    3) Does OpenQuant have intraday data backfilling capacities? In case of an OS crash or a power failure, etc will OpenQuant download the missing data of the trading session before continuing with the analysis?

    4) Does OpenQuant store recent data in the case where a strategy would reference such data?

    5) Can one develop a strategy in C++ or Javaa?

    6) In the case where changes made to the IB TWS API would render OpenQuant non-functional, would necessary corrections be made free of charge?

    7) Is OpenQuant a reliable platform (everything being relative)? Would one have enough confidence to run OpenQuant unattended?

    8) When things do go wrong, what are the recoverability capabilities of OpenQuant? Will OpenQuant recognize where we are in the trading session and strategy, what orders are open or pending, etc.?

    I thank you for your help.

  2. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could post their general comments, opinions, what they like/dont like, etc about OpenQuant


  3. any OpenQuant users on Elitetrader?
  4. The OpenQuant guys are usually pretty active in these forums

    Hopefully they will get to your questions soon
  5. Anton,

    If I have many variables in my strategy, can I input different values for these variables for each different market that I trade? Is there any way around the memory overflow problem that you refer to?

    Thank you
  6. Yes, you can do this in the OnStrategyStart() method.

  7. Anton,

    What are the minimum hardware requirments for OQ?

    Thank you
  8. Any computer under Windows XP/2000/Vista that can run .NET 2.0.

    Then the more the better... as always :)

  9. Anton,

    In regards to the "Persisting Portfolio" thread in the SmartQuant forums, what is the status of the OpenQuant feature that retrieves critical information such as working (pending) orders, historical (filled) orders and current portfolio composition (position, account)?

    Thank you
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