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  1. cassidpp


    Just wondering if anyone had gone with openquant and if so how they were find it?

  2. Check the software review section. There was a guy that gave an extensive review and offered to answer PMs with individual questions. GL.
  3. maxpi


    My intro to C# with another platform was an eye-opener. I was in the frame of mind that C was the professional level language and the scripting as in Tradestation or Multicharts was the less professional stuff.. bullshit, I have buggy behavior with C# stuff from the Microsoft libraries even... much worse than the scripting languages that are designed specifically for trading...
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    makloda where is that review...i couldnt see it.

    Maxpi I take it you suggest staying away from c#. Have you looked at OpenQuant? Are you a java advocate?
  5. TickJob


    Initially I looked around and tried many similar sw but only openquant work very well for me using Interactive Broker. I am not programmer but able to learn some basic C# and start programming my strategy in Openquant to trade live. For example, I coded the my zigzag indicator as shown below with an hour:D

    Their forum support is very good. The 30 days free trial package has full functions including live trading. Price is really very cheap for such a good and reliable sw. Can't say any more, you try then you know. It is a serious sw for serious trading. don't be fooled by its cheap price tag.

  6. I have couple of questions too...

    1)Can we run/trade the same trading system but with different parameters for different markets simultaneously with OpenQuant?

    2)How is the automated order execution with IB handled? Do we have to incorporate IB's API in our code or OpenQuant does this automatically similar to Tradestation automation?

  7. maxpi


    Essentially, I just found I can't stand C language any better than when I took a class in it 20 years ago and it is not any better than scripted stuff available from Multicharts for what I do.. I was able to make rudimentary indicators in it but beyond that it is gross overload for making a strategy to trade an index future.
  8. Depends on what you do indeed, otherwise Microsoft would be selling scripted stuff available from Multicharts :cool:
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