Openings For Young Liberals Looking For Work

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    Perfect for the young liberal just starting out and wanting to get in the game! :D

    Saudi Arabia can't find enough executioners to carry out its barbaric brand of justice, according to reports.

    The Kingdom is actively soliciting applicants who can be trained to behead people sentenced to death under Sharia law, according to Vatican Insider. While the problem may shine a light on Saudi Arabia's frightening justice system, it also could show a more humane population, according to the Asia Times.

    “Fewer people are interested in a "career" in executing others, a task that requires a lot of cold blood and a lot of training to be able to swing a sword properly,” Asia Times reported.

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    OK OK. You like the job description but you want something a little closer to home. Here's something that fits the bill for the young liberal. How about going through the private emails and other confidential data on ordinary Americans fishing for something they've done that might be illegal?

    You'll be working directly for the Obama Gestapo doing the good works of the party.

    It's either a cruel joke or the world's worst timing: An internship listing for a 'Digital Network Exploitation Analyst' appeared Thursday on the National Security Agency's job-opening Twitter feed, just as the cyber spy directorate was caught up in an international scandal involving snooping on millions of telephone, email and social networking accounts.

    The program, based at the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland headquarters, promises to hire successful applicants 'who can perform discovery and target technology analysis of digital network and mobile communications.'

    'The three-year intern program combines training (SIGINT Discovery/Analysis), operational assignments (in the SIGINT Directorate) and a technical report to enhance the skills of an individual. There is a one year commitment to the SIGINT Directorate upon graduation from the Development Program.'
  3. Apparently the shortage is because Saudi Arabia fails to pay Executioners a "living" wage.

    :p :D :p
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    Maybe they should demand a head tax! :D