Opening price descrepency?

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  1. Why does yahoo finance list the opening price for the Dow at 8,146.82 when on the daily chart at 8:30 the price is 8,167? Probably a newbie question, but I sure would like to know. Thanks.
  2. The "opening price" on the INDU is the same as the closing price from the day before. What happens, is that you may see other data vendors using the 9:30 snapshot where, perhaps, a few Dow stocks have opened.

    A similar thing happens with individual stocks. You have what is called "primary market" (NYSE for example) versus "consolidated market" pricing used by differnent vendors. For example, I use "primary market" for all my quotes through the GS Redi platform so that I am sure of the actual opening and closing prices. Some of our traders opt for the "consolidated quote" which will take that same snapshot at 9:30, which may be pre-market pricing on the various ECN's.

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  3. jim c

    jim c

    Great answer Don. I have been struggling with bad opening prices with IB. Does anyone know if there is a primary market vs consolidated market that I can switch on IB? I looking into it now. thx Jim