Opening orders Question (I'd be surprised if someone know this)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by WhiteOut56, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. So stock A opens at 9:30:01 and stock B opens at 9:32.30.

    Why does stock B open up 2 1/2 min later? What really is going on?
  2. If stock B is a NYSE stock, then I believe the specialist can delay the open a certain amount if they want to. Not sure exactly what the rules are for that.
  3. MTE


    It depends on where that stock trades. Exchanges around the world have different opening procedures. Some procedures open the stocks in groups, so stock A may be part of the first group, while stock B part of some subsequent group...
  4. if it's opening that late it sounds like the nyse.

    there's a lot of rules for that, you can call the nyse trade desk and ask... but the short answer is that they can hold the open until there's enough volume to offset whatever market orders are on their book, or if there's a crowd order they're trying to work, or if there's news pending, etc.
  5. LOL. it's all BS. Our greedy Spec is still searching for a way to maximize his profit at 9:32:00 EST. don't we all love to start the day green? MOC is even worse if you don't like delays.......
  6. Many stocks are so lightly traded they may not open for hours.

    Given good liquidity and how much of the market is now traded electronically without specialists, there may be a large bid/ask spread. It takes time for the buyers and sellers to resolve this for trading to begin.

    And then there are the conspiracy theories mentioned above.