Opening Orders - 2008

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  1. OK, we'll move it here. First entries were in 2001 I think.

    You guys might try to dig up a few of the older and instructional posts to put up when things get slow, I'll do the same, LOL.

    January 2, +$550.

    Today up $330 on 2 fills each day.

    Back at it tomorrow.

    Don :)
  2. Cash collected all the previous threads...

  3. Thanks Cash....

    Don :)
  4. Entered buy orders only with .4 envelope & cancelled fills

    Good weekend to all
  5. Got stuck in EK, -$390.

  6. 12 fills / 11500 shares

    10 long / 2 short / +173.00

    kind of a screwy day...had some issues prior to open and kind of rushed things...

    doesn't look like it would have gotten a whole lot better...

  7. No fills; had quite a few blocks on news and still haven't waded back into banks and brokers yet.

    Have a good weekend all. I'm quite sure I won't, given that the Steelers face Jacksonville this weekend and have been playing like they are ready to hit the golf course. Miracles do happen though, so we'll see.
  8. No fills for me today...went in a bit too wide. Narrow things back up tomorrow.

  9. ditto, no fills
  10. No fills either.

    Steelers put me out of my misery Saturday, but they didn't have the horses to go all the way this year, so might as well get a better draft position than endure humiliation at New England.

    Some solace can be found tonight if LSU can beat Ohio State and spare me the misery of dealing with the Buckeye fans...
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