Opening Only Order

Discussion in 'Trading' started by exce26, Aug 27, 2001.

  1. exce26


    If you are a member of any professional daytrade firms, you might farmiliar with Opening only order(or at least you heard of it).

    Let's talk about our successful strategy & experience on opening only order in detail.

    How did your opening only order turn out this morning?
    (If you put any opening only order....)

    What is the most important key point?
  2. exce26


    I just made $1800 profit(after commision excluded) for opening order only this morning(in 7-9 min). It is odd that nobody post a reply on opening only order strategy.
    I guess those traders who know about this strategy, they wanna keep it with them selves.....
  3. tradeRX



    OK, you've definitely piqued my interest.

    What's an "opening only order strategy" and how is it effective?