Opening my own Office.

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  1. I am in the early stages of openign my own trading floor in the UK to trade my own funds on both the UK and US Markets through roughly 20 traders to begin with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and feel free to check in from time to time to follow my progress through the journey.
  2. where in the UK are u?

    where exactly u planning to have the offices? what technology u be using? BBG? REUTERS? TT? etc. thanks
  3. Really a messed up situation when anyone can open a firm to trade our markets from a foreign country, free of oversight and SEC scrutiny, and legitimate firms here are shut down by the SEC!
  4. u obviously have no clue about financial regulations..
  5. And you do?
  6. Ok Gentlemen, didnt mean to start a rumble so early, I am openign in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Initially i will trade primarily on the LSE for a year or so until i have all the teething problems ironed out, then i plan to diversify.
  7. Best of luck RJ... Whereabouts in Belfast? I'm from the costa del Armagh, though haven't lived there for ten years...
  8. Thanks,
    Belfast City centre if i can get the right premises. Theres plenty of potential traders around so i have high hopes.
  9. via who are you going to clear? Because we are thinking of moving to Belfast to as a trading firm (effective traders).

  10. bigbearoz


    randomjoey: can you please send me your email address so we can directly communicate.

    i am interested in a belfast location if you are looking for some form of office share.

    i currently trade ES/NQ/ER2/EMD, Z and FDAX from home in the midlands, but will be happy to re-locate to trade with like-minded traders.
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