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Discussion in 'Trading' started by LelandC, Nov 19, 2001.

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    This has probably been tossed around a couple of times but just wondering where I can get a list of opening indications? I know that sometimes Reuters may have these, etc. Just wondering if there is a software program that has these?

  2. Redart11


    I am not sure if this will help,try: PMI Premarket indicator. Also,with Scottrade
    the otc stocks show changes in their bid and
    ask 15 minutes before the overall market
    opens.This is probably true with other
    firms and quote vendors as well.
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    Sorry but I forgot to include that I am interested in this information for listed stocks....
  4. Interesting that someone above mentioned NASDAQ for opening indications. Sorry to say that there are not any opening indications there because there is no "opening" ....and, if you think about it, how could there be? There is no "there" there (no single marketplace).

    Regarding listed securities...the opening indications are transmitted to the Regional Exchanges when the opening price is going to be more than a few cents away from the previous day's close (I think about 35cents). RediPlus, of course, broadcasts all this information to the traders.
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    In what way does REDI+ broadcast this information? Can you pull up a market minder and have it give you a list of stocks that are indicated to open up or down "X" amount?

    What about the NYSE's Institutinal Express? Know anything about that?

  6. Opening indications come through as alerts, shown in a different font color in the bid ask columns. You can "filter" or simply have your stanard list of stocks/pairs/spreads/opening onlys displayed.
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    Don't some nasdaq stocks trade on ECN etc. before 9:30 Eastern.?I only ask because I want to learn.Where does get its numbers?(Premarket Indicator)?
  8. Yes, you will see some ecn trades before the "opening" time of the NAZ. You will also see bids that are higher than offers prior to the start of trading, which does give you an idea of where the first posted trades may begin. But what happens if you see a 70. bid and a 65 offer, would you guess 67.5? Anyway, the NASD site uses the MM's "paper" and inter-market trades for their info.