opening in ACI this morning - gets my nomination for the moron of the year award

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Copernicus, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. after all how can you make a mistake on the opening print?

    opens the stock at 65.16 and then oops let me correct that print down 1.75 after 10 minutes.

    what a joke
  2. That is hilarious. I do not think I have ever seen something like that. Did you get short? I think they were cut today by some IB.
  3. i should have been short on the open.
    its one thing to make a mistake mid day when there is action, but how do u make a mistake on the opening print when you have time to figure out what to do, cant blame your fat fingers at that time.
  4. alanm


    I think I saw the OIH (or maybe BBH) spec do this some time ago, mis-printing the open by $3. I've seen it happen a number of times with closing prints.
  5. intraday or closing i "may" understand
    but on the open, thats the damn first transaction of the day
  6. Granted you normally get farther by talking to the wall, but has anyone discussed this issue with NYSE market surveillance?
  7. could you please show me time and sales here

    or if this was a bad print from an ECN ?

    ( no position ... but cannot find anything close to what you claim was the opening print here )

  8. they called it in with a mistake :)
  9. cant get backward tos on redi, this "opening" was on 9/2
  10. Weasel


    I trade ACI every day. The 09/02 opening was a joke. My bet is that the specialist was on vacation and the clerks/back ups were running the order books that day.
    #10     Sep 7, 2005