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    Hi- anyone using ORB's ?

    Anyone look into incorporating volume?

    Time frames for oprning range? ( market specific maybe)

    Time frame for bars/charts? 5 min. 30 min. 1 min. ?

    Which financial utures market etc? ES RUT CL ?

    Old days seemed the "masters" at it had huge advantage as markets not efficient

    although today we have more tools to measure, but "edge" or good risk rewards gone?
  2. =================
    Well opening ''gaps'' +gap study are surely worthy of note;
    close is more useful.Open ,, hi ,,low,, %% gain,, CLOSE can help also .

    1 year+ 10 year candle chart can help+ 58 custom chart or 60 minute candlechart can be a helpful entry ......Wisdom is profitable to direct:cool:

    I am not a daytrader;
    but even many daytraders consider 5 minutes ''noise''
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