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  1. -as the treasuries open earlier than the equities:

    Question for the bond traders/scalpers:

    Are the treasuries in the early morning any active before the equity index futures open? Or do you have to wait untill the equity index futures open to meet the same kind of action as I associate with the market open for equity futures?


  2. The big volume in Treasuries begans at 0820 eastern when the Pit opens. It is very tradeable starting about 3 hours earlier but the volume begins at 0820.
  3. Yes, I do understand that.

    What I really want to ask though, if you need the the equity futures to be opened as well, before it makes sense to use the opening range breakout strategies etc?

    I ask this because when I traded Eurex some while ago, I noticed that the best trends in the bunds mostly started only when the equities opened as well an hour later..
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    You can often get good moves in the first hour, and of course there are figures 10 mins after the bond open quite a lot of the time.
  5. thanks, so now i realize what i really wanted to ask ;-) :

    Are the best trends after the opening of the bonds itself (8:20), Or after the opening of the equities (9:30)?
  6. Yes I know, should have asked the right question immediately.. still anybody wants to comment?
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    I find that most trends continue throughout the numbers @ 8:30/10:00 until sometime in the afternoon when the market usually changes whether in its direction or just changes from a ranging market to trending or vice versa

    So many days seem like a tale of two markets between the morning and the afternoon
  8. No , you can use London market action for preopening( US ) trades.