Opening account for foreigners.

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  1. Hi!

    My friends are asking me to find them a prop firm with following qualities:

    1. Good execution and integration with Ninja trader and other trading platforms,ability to write API etc.

    2. 1:10 leverage

    3. ability to start with only 5k deposit.

    4. Ability to transfer profits bi-weekly out of the account.

    5. Account to be registered in their names they are Not US citizens.

    6. Stable and reliable company.

    Thank you for reply
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  3. jazzsax


    also, must wire funds to nigeria bi weekly, in exchange you will own a portion of lands and large government inheritance.

    no ninjas in nigeria!
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  5. jazzsax


    sense of humour much?
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    are you an ex tuco trader? you seem grumpy today.

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  9. jazzsax


    lol, long time before that happens.

    Not a prop trader, don't need the excessive leverage. Doing perfectly fine without it.

    have a nice day. :p
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