Opening a prop branch office.

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  1. Right now i`m at the preliminary research phase of opening a prop office. It is something that has interested me for a few years. I love running a business and have been trading for awhile. I`m fully licensed RR and principal and have been on and off the St for 10 years. Only in trading the last 5. This may be a natural progression for me. Nothing over the top, i`m thinking about an office built for 10 traders and one manager(me). An existing prop shop that has the ability to provide back office would be the only option. I have capital, but not enough to create my own BD with a clearing agreement, full staff, etc

    So, can anybody suggest firms that offer branch office opportunities? Or maybe someone who has gone down this road with some suggested do`s and dont`s would be helpful.

    Feel free to PM.
  2. As noted in the banners above, we are opening new affiliates all the time.

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    i think Assent would be very good..they are among the best in my view...i do trade with them so my opinion may be biased but they are very good.
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