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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Proptrader35, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone, I have been trading equities for about five years now and decided it's time to open my own proprietary trading firm. I just had a few questions to get everyones opinion here and maybe in the future be able to assist some of you.

    1. What do you think the best trading platform is out there? I have traded on Anvil, Sterling, Blackwood and Greybox. Although very happy with Anvil, Assent are the type of people I rather not deal with. Does anyone think there is a better platform out there I would be glad to look into it and offer it.

    2. Bonus, Also need to come up with a name for the company which I been thinking hundreds out on a daily basis. If anyone is able to come up with a name I decide to use I will provide you with trading at base rate for the first year and incur any platform fees arch, nyob, etc.

  2. Posting this thread just 3 minutes after what you posted in your first thread about not being able to pass the series 7 tells me your are a real masochists.
  3. LMAO. Only on ET....

  4. My friend is the one starting the firm I have never even traded yet sorry about that.

  5. Send forms for new account to me plzthx.
  6. I'd suggest a name with the word trading or trade in it. And you'd need a website and offer training.

    Why'd you want to start a prop firm instead of tradding forex or something like that? Some people start, they can't make money so they quit. There seems to be some effort involved there unless you like the challenge I guess.
  7. All work and no play makes Proptrader35 a dull boy
  8. why is that?