Opening a Business Account at Trade Station

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  1. I am opening a business account at trade station and have an operating agreement for a manager managed LLC that is trading specific and allows me the discretion to add members.

    Trade Station also wants me to supply them with a Subscription Agreement. Why? This is something only for potential members. I do not recall having to legally present any of this stuff for a private LLC to anyone outside the LLC.

    This is serious privacy violations.

    Trade Station is asking me this question:

    Please advise as to why you are using an entity to trade what appears to be personal assets including, but not limited to any future plans to the use of James Clark Enterprise, LLC as a commodity and forex pool.

    My response is:

    I am not sure as to how the question relates to the opening of an account beyond what has already been presented.

    In short, my answer is because that is what I decided to do for financial and legal organization purposes relative to include financial planning purposes.

    My comment:
    wtf, since when is an order taker, broker, execution operation making its business about the nature of my ops agreement. It used to be all one had to do is provide the 1st and last page of an ops agreement.

    Now it is like they are becoming a member of my LLC or something.

    Some feedback on this would be helpful.
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  6. how so?

    meaning if you get into a position they will stop you out to take your cash, if you are winning, mess with your connection so you cannot get out or in, or take their position first before filling you.

    If so, there are ways around this and ways to make them suffer.

    How, simply front run them from another broker account elsewhere...they will most likely kick you out. I have been kicked out of a few banks for moving too much money around. it is amusing stuff.

    Reading Livermore gave me the idea. This type of stuff is part of the game.

    exploit the opportunity.