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  1. Has anyone used this yet? or even know how mature this project is? I just actually stumbled up on it today sadly they dont have a mailinglist so I guess when I have some time ill play with it.

    OpenFAST is a 100% Java implementation of the FAST Protocol (FIX Adapted for STreaming). The FAST protocol is used to optimize communications in the electronic exchange of financial data. OpenFAST is flexible and extensible through high volume - low latency transmissions.

    The FAST protocol uses a data compression algorithm to decrease the size of data by two processes.

    First Process: Field Encoding - Data that is simliar or redundant is removed.
    Second Process: Transfer Encoding - Serialize remaining data through binary encoding.

    The FAST protocol also uses templates to enhance data compression and decompression. The only specification among the templates is that the creator and end-user must agree upon a template before data can be streamed. Any template guide may be used, such as XML or a basic text file.
  2. Which, if any, brokers or exchanges support FAST ?
  3. CME
  4. According to FPL

    Archipelago Exchange
    Chicago Mercantile Exchange
    International Securities Exchange
    London Stock Exchange
    Singapore Stock Exchange