OpenEcry users.... read this

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by chiefraven, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Did anyone experience price lag in their DOM when the Petroleum Data came out today at around 10:35?

    i have tradestation as well so i noticed that my tradestation charts were fine... but my dom and PnL were shown incorrectly.... lagging really badly.. for a few minutes

    just wondering if anyone else experienced this... 'cuz they kept saying the problem is on my end... which is not possible since my tradestation data and charts were just fine.

    Does this happen a lot with OEC?
  2. I did not notice anything here, but that's not to say something did not happen.

    Anyone else notice anything?
  3. Are you on the demo or live version?
  4. live
  5. i had lag as well, but I think its mainly due to the time on my charts continually getting messed up by OEC. For example, my 1 min candle showed oil data coming out at like 10:35:25. I had to change the time on my computer twice today just to keep it in sync.

    Something is not right w/ their charts since the new update.