Openecry purchased by Optionsxpress -- uh oh?

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  1. As an openecry customer should I be worried about the purchase of OEC by optionsxpress? Will they leave OEC alone or will they try to integrate customers and drive us all away?
  2. Might be good deal?.... being able to trade both futures and options at the same broker
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    OptionExpress' commissions are outrageous. I was looking into opening a SwiftTrade account a while back, when they were purchased by OXPS. SwiftTrade's commissions per contract were about $2.50 if memory serves me correct. When OXPS took over the business, the price per contract went up to about $6.50 per contract, regardless of whether or not it was electornically traded or open outcry. This was for index futures. Not sure if this has changed.
  4. Dont know how concerned you could really be since this took place on 6/25/08 and you just found out now???
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    Since when can managers leave well enough alone. They just need a little more time and then they will implement their desired changes. I do not think those changes will be good for the client. Since a client can have a vote with their feet, I would also use the wait and see policy.
  6. You're right, someone's concern about an issue is always directly linked to when they find out.

    So does this mean you didn't care when you found out that the midget down the street has been banging your wife because they've been doing it for 5 years???? :confused:
  7. Well if the midget had a website and it was posted on the front page, then I would have to be pretty stupid not to notice. And also, if people on a message board I was a part of posted this information already, I would once again have to be pretty retarded to still not know.

    FYI, here's some news for you, just in case you didnt know yet.

  8. As posted in the other thread about this very topic, OEC is telling customers that it's 'business as usual' at OEC and this integration with OX just gives OEC a bigger backing.

    And since I've been told that, things have been in fact 'business as usual'.

    We can all speculate what this what mean long term, but for now, it really is 'business as usual' for OEC and it's customers. At least, it has been for me.

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