Openecry commissions ?

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  1. I remember those commissions being displayed on the website , now you have to request a quote.

    I thought they started out at $ 4.6 RT for eminis ?!

    No platform fee ?
  2. Platform is free. Try asking brownsfan019, he's a good guy. He uses them and is very happy with them last I heard.
  3. I was annoyed by having to request a quote from them... something I loath. here's the information they sent me recently:

    Retail Rate Tables for Balances < $100,000
    * $5,000 account minimum required
    * NO minimum trades per month
    * NO software fees

    Per contract/side (not including exchange fees)
    US Mini Indices $1.20
    CME $1.35
    CBOT $1.35

    I also found out today that they offer options on futures.. but it's only available via a web interface/website... which has me pretty disappointed... otherwise their platform and rates look good... but I'm still looking around..

  4. Thanks ! You are a good guy too , just like me :)
  5. That is odd - I though they offer NO web interface to futures.

    So web interface only for the options and software interface only for futures?
  6. I'm not sure about the web interface for futures... I was just told that they offer it for futures options.. which is, imho, circa 1998. But they said that they were 'working' on a desktop based futures options platform.. but didn't have a release date.
  7. I talked to them yesterday and their futures offering is pretty minimal. They only offer e-mini futures trading at this point. They don't have energy or interest rate futures either. These things are months away at best from what they said today.

    edit: I was talking about Thinkorswim in the above comments not Open E Cry sorry for the confusion. Talking to too many brokers recently.
  8. ssss

    ssss offer oec as global amp wit haccount minimum 2000$
  9. OEC is a great firm with a solid product. I've been using them for awhile now and haven't been happier. Feel free to ask here or PM me with any questions.
  10. I've looked at their demo recently and noticed that price was stalling in their dom at times, have you noticed this w/ live accounts? (wasn't a pc resource issue on my end)
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