Openecry - can't take it anymore!

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  1. I can't take it anymore ... I am using OEC as a secondary brokerage since IB does not provide access to MGEX, KCBOT, ICE Canada and a few other exchanges, but their platform does not support basic things I've seen with every other broker I've used (the OEC trader software is slick but missing some basic features). For example:

    - You cannot enter orders when the market is closed, they are rejected.

    - You can enter orders when the market is closed if you add a "release" time to them of when the market opens, but this is only up to 24 hours in the future. You also run the risk of the market opening above your order price and having the order rejected, or having all your orders reject on market open for no reason (this is what I had last week)

    -GTC orders cannot be canceled when the market is closed (same error you get trying to enter orders).

    I've emailed back and forth with a VP there about this, got some pretty ridiculous workarounds but I can't deal with this any longer. Being able to enter orders over a weekend is supported by every other broker, why not OEC?

    Other than the inability to enter orders 24/7 OEC is great....


  2. Get someone on the phone..?

    It's easy to have poor communication via email.

    I hope they clear up the issue for you.
  3. Using the "turbo" order entry you can "park" orders, with all the flags and release times if needed. You'll find the "turbo" order entry under the Orders menu. Right click in the turbo entry window and select "new order" to get things rolling.

    FWIW... Most order types placed with OEC are maintained on the OEC servers, NOT on your local computer. This is a significant difference from almost all other retail platforms/brokers and possibly explains why you can not place an order (on the OEC servers) when markets are closed without a release time.