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  1. Long/short swing trader of US stocks

    All trades and current holdings will be displayed for everyone to see

    New trades initiated will be written about before the market opens




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  7. Magicwords,

    Very nice display. The best I have seen.

    Kudos that you are giving ex ante trades.

    Can’t say much about your system because you have provided few clues.

    I personally am not a big fan of orders on the open. Also it seems that you have an extensive universe of stocks to trade. I am of the camp that says know a few stocks and know them well.

    Your prior results looked good. Why not trade the options?
  8. Thanks!

    The system is a simple mean reversion system. Buy low, sell high. Short rallies, cover on dips.

    I find that stocks provide enough trading opportunities for the system I trade so I haven't found the need to trade options.
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