OpenBook available pre-market?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by alanm, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. alanm


    Is anyone currently able to see NYSE OpenBook quotes before a stock opens? I'm not able to any more at IB and am trying to figure out where the problem lies.
  2. nitro


    I now have OB - I will look on Monday for it...

  3. smokey_mcPaat

    smokey_mcPaat Guest

    OB pre and post market is bullshit. you can't really trade off orders on the book then. look for the indicated price in the AM and play that. morning open book sometimes (rarely) works. but often the size displayed is pulled before the actual open and is only put on the books as a bluff.
  4. MR.NBBO


    I've been having openbook problems as well....especially pre-open (now get no quotes at all).
    Its gone downhill over the last month....intra-day it only functions about 40-60% of the time. WHAT GOOD IS OPENBOOK IF THE QUOTES AND UP TIME ARE THAT INCONSISTENT?!

    Is this an IB problem...or more likely a NYSE issue? Anyone have openbook through another vendor to check?
  5. Tea


    NYSE Open Book is just a fig leaf used by the NYSE to give the SEC the impression that they are just as open as the Nasdaq.

    You need to write a paper letter to the SEC and logically explain how it is not working as advertised.