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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by nitro, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Swipe


    Auto does that feature work? Is it like a market order or is timber taking the other side?

    Doesnt tws have a feature that will limit your trades to your intraday buying power?
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  2. alanm


    Quote from stock777:
    Have they considered putting a MAX SHARES or MAX $$$ AMOUNT filter on it, that would require a verification. I think that would be a good thing ;-).

    Actually, that would be a nice feature for TWS in general (not just the auto-send).
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  3. def

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    The one hit hotkey/mouse button was implemented due to demands from clients asking for one key transmission. When choosing to do this, the toggle description turns to bright red. It would be hard to turn it on by mistake.

    Limits, there is a % limit by price that you can set via order defaults. I'll make a recommendation to add one for size as well.
    #13     Feb 13, 2003
  4. alanm


    The % price limit doesn't work consistently, and so can't be used.

    What I'm suggesting is a little different than that, though.

    Say I have $100K cash. I only want to take positions with a max size of $15K. I'd like to be able to configure this, so the system would automatically reject orders larger than $15K, just as it does when you attempt to exceed margin limits. In other words, for the purpose of new orders, instead of allowing them to be up to $400K, allow them to only be up to $15K.

    Better still, instead of outright rejecting the order, a nice feature would be to trim the size (in 100s if starting with a round lot order, in 1s if starting with an odd-lot) so the order is under the limit.
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