Open spread order book

Discussion in 'Options' started by Option Trader, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Maybe someone can help me:
    Are OXP and TOS the only two retail brokers with an open spread order book?
  2. I am not sure but i think that is a spread order book only consisting of their OWN clients, not all orders out in the market. So the ToS spread book contains open spread orders from their clients. I could be wrong but this was the way I interpreted it.
  3. I saw with my own eyes OXP spread book includes orders that are placed on the IB platform!

    You are right that TOS says it is only their own orders.

    I would be interested to know if any other broker has a spread order book.
  4. They both repost from the ISE spread order book. Currently only the ISE makes this data available ... other B/Ds are writing to it and you should see it soon.
  5. When I spoke with TOS, they said that in the summer they plan to repost the ISE spread order book--currently, they post their own customers' spread orders, regardless of to which exchange.