Open source trades analysis software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mwahal, Dec 29, 2017.

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    I think pysystemtrade looks promising, will look into it.
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    It makes sense to look for a third party tool first, actually. In my experience, something like this takes 2 hours to build the functionality (even if you need fancy analytics like resampling and factor correlation). After that, it takes 2 days to make sure the output is nicely formatted. Those two days are always better spent doing something else, but you sometimes need it nicely formatted.
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    As always multiply estimates with pi (3.14...) and solve for developer ;)

    When starting from scratch ("I know nathing"), it can actually take days just to find the tools you'll be productive in. LibreOffice Calc may get you started most quickly, but at some point you'll want something more customizable. Going 3rd party comes with extra learning and adapting to infexible ways of doing things as well, but can be great for learning.

    If you've done it before and used the tools before, then it can take 2 hours for reals. Your wife may claim otherwise though! :p
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    The beauty of something like that is that it’s an easy to define stand-alone project. At my previous place of employment, I built something that does this (a bit more complex, as I also used it for allocating risk) as a library and an intern used this library to build a bunch of reporting tools. The library literally too a few hours. The tools took the whole summer, albeit by a guy who knew nothing about finance at the time, but it was still imperfect. This time around, if (more like when) I need pretty presentation of the results I’ll hire a consultant.
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    Where will then spend another summer waiting for and iterating on the results.:D
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