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  1. Can someone recommend me Strategies development open source platform?
  2. tradelink :
    * 100% free and open source
    * live trading across 10+ brokers and 3 data feeds
    * super-fast tick-based backtesting (300,000-800,000 ticks/sec)
    * supports level1 and level2
    * import data from variety of sources or record it
    * equities, options, futures, fx supported
    * 3+ years in development
    * 200+ user developer mailing list
  3. DGunz


    Sterling has a max send order rate of about 25 per second. Does tradelink offer a solution to bypass that, or does that have to be permissioned from sterling. Either way I am waiting for a response from them but just in case their answer is..."no we wont up your send rate", can trade link somehow connect to sterling in a way that will allow more orders?
  4. in general tradelink is low latency so you can send as many orders as you like.

    regarding sterling.... if your sterling connector in tradelink is configured with rate limiting, you can control how many orders and cancels per second it will send. (iow it manages this for you). this is done by default to simplify things because most sterling users are on shared infrastructure. You can disable this though for reasons below.

    in terms of whether you can bypass this limitation.... it depends on your broker.

    the limitation comes into play when you use sterling's shared infrastructure (shared servers), which is what most sterling brokers use because it's cheaper.

    some sterling brokers run sterling on their own servers, in these instances the broker can remove the rate limitation. then you will something closer to 100 orders/second.
  5. DGunz


    Even if it is shared, the brokers ultimately can still undo the limitation if they are willing, regardless if they use shared or have thier own servers correct?

    Thanks for the good information. Im actually in process of transfering strategies to tradelink because it it can act as my all in one solution.
  6. no I do not believe that is correct with regard to order canceling.

    On shared infrastructure I believe sterling imposes the rate limitation to guarantee a certain level of QoS to all of their [shared] users. The brokers have no influence over this.

    If you find out otherwise let us know.

    glad you like tradelink.
  7. rosy2


    can tradelink work with TT Fixadapter
  8. rosy : yes it can be made to work. However no TT connector is available for tradelink at present time. Most likely later this year, or we can assist you in adding it before then.
  9. Tradelink,

    You mention that tradelink can record data? How exactly is this done?

    If I wanted to capture time & sales data from my esignal feed, how is it captured and stored? Does that mean caching data in memory for calculations on the fly or data that mean database storage for later use. Or are both possible at the same time?

  10. tick capture for later use and import is described here :

    you can also cache ticks in memory. doing this as various types of bars is included in the platform, doing other types of caching is something that is supported but not included in the platform.
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