Open source software in the hedge fund business. Possible?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bestdev, Jun 15, 2009.

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  2. "will"? They are used in the industry for almost everything imaginable.
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    I am not talking about open source development languages (Java, etc) but open source software products and financial libraries

    Is that commonly used already? I have not heard much about those
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    Ok.. I will re-phrase my question

    The trend has already started there are some open source companies used by the wall street.. But those are not that popular yet and the my question is - would they become hugely popular in financial industry?
  5. No, is the answer for you. Open source offers no edge
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    do you think it can be widely adopted as a foundation that one can start building based on?

    if its has no edge, but its possible to make it sharper right ?
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    Unless a company uses 100% Microsoft products it is using open source software in one form or another, directly or indirectly. Hedge funds are no exception.

    Open source is present in pretty much all non-Windows operating systems and most C++ and Java-based products. Many common libraries and utilities are either open source or include open source software.