Open source library for the Interactive broker

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    Hi all!

    Guys tell me about projects where can get an open source library for creating an auto trading robot using API Interactive broker on the #C
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    For classic live trading with indicators etc, I don't use the HFT.
  3. Fuxx you. Ask nicely and make reasonable demands and people are willing to help out. But your Russian mob approach does not work here.

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    I am not familiar with the IB platform. But shouldn't they provide an interface or API where can be easily accessed by C# and well documented.
  5. its all explained and linked to on their website, so, yes...

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    What are you nonsense told? or are you a WT?
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    I know it, but that's not completely true I mean open source libraries created other developers (Sort of the LEAN), I found a few projects, but they are have some problems in design for my work.
  8. So you mean others put in the work and tailor it to your custom needs so that you have nothing to complain about? Pay up if you need custom solutions you parasite.

  9. Does it have to be in C#?
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    I see you have some symptoms of a mild schizophrenia where I wrote "complain" that for me do not do custom solutions or do you really sure that all developers who using a open source is the parasites
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