Open Source Backtesting Software?

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  1. Well, the pricing as it currently stands is available on the web side. It says contact us at for a quote on DC and the source. What I told you privately was about our intentions to introduce several editions of QuantDeveloper, starting with "research" or "backtesting" edition that will be more affordable for novice system developers (the ones who don't really trade but want to play with their own systems, read books and test ideas). Once you develop and backtest your system and you feel like it's profitable, you can upgrade to QD Pro and start autotrading it. Once you reach top level and want to develop your canned systems or trading applications in MSVS.NET, you can upgrade to QD Enterprise and do this. Different customer groups, different pricing approaches. Indeed $3750 is too much for a student who wants to test his first system, no doubts about it. On the other hand QD is more institutional than retail product, thus we either skip students and ET customers and go for professionals with 1K/mo/seat like pricing or try to find a way to introduce institutional quality product to retail customers. Which way do you prefer?

    As for the source code pricing, try to compare average financial programmer salary in the industry with QD source code pricing and you will immediately see that QD source code is extremely cost cutting and time saving solution for a trading group or even individuals who want to develop their own trading software infrastructure.

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  2. Fair enough, but still way over priced, imo.

    I guess it also bothers me that ET's policy for advertisers, allows them to hound board participants by pimping there product in the forums. (General statement, not personal Anton)

    My apologies to the thead starter for this OT stuff.

    Have a nice weekend.
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  3. Assume you have ten employees with average salary in the industry (more or less a standard software shop startup). How many copies would you need to sell monthly at WL $650 level to keep the business running?

    There are two alternatives here - keep programmnig / supporting your product yourself or sell it to Fidelity :)

    I don't personally like any of these paths. We want to deliver top quality products priced adequately, so that our revenue flow allows us to keep the business running, make better products and provide good support to those who need our products.

    We can discuss forever if it's ethical to drink vodka with caviar if we have so many poor people in Africa, but it definitely should not be considered as a reason to stop developing good products for professionals and concentrate on selling toys for $100 a piece instead.

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