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Will FOREX combine the all of the interbank feeds for each pair into a single feed?

  1. Yes, within 5 years.

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  2. Yes, within 2 years.

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  3. No because the banks will never show all of their transactions.

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  4. No, I don't care and don't understand why it matters.

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  1. Do you think FOREX will ever combine all of the interbank feeds for each currency pair into a single flow and allow GLOBEX or another entity the ability to give this data flow to traders & investors?
  2. No.

    The banks enjoy playing this interbank game and letting the rest of us get a slight taste for a huge premium. Do you think they have any intention of making it less lucrative and more competitive?

    I thought ICE millions was a great idea and look what happened.
  3. I agree but wish it wasn't the case.
    The banks enjoy having the currency market by the balls and having the ability to hide as many of their transactions as they see fit.
  4. LeeD


    No, like it has never got there with "bulk" equity trades.
  5. So you are saying not all of the equity trades are sent to GLOBEX?
  6. This would be difficult to get one regulated feed, being that it would need to be a global participation...who would regulate it? the USA?...Now how would that work in some of these countries??? Think about it.

    However...The Bible says there will be one-world-leader someday.

    There is not enough choices in your poll...

  7. LeeD


    In fact, none of the equity trades are sent to GLOBEX. GLOBEX is a futures exchange.

    Further, bulk equity transactions are conducted in private by the buyer and the seller (recently often via a variety of "dark pools"). There is an obligation for the buyer to report aquiring a substantial equity stake but the buyer can request that such reports are not made public for extended length of time on the basis such a report may affect the market price. Warren Buffet among others makes extensive use of this "secrecy" rule.
  8. OK, you're a mod . . . add that one.

    I wouldn't know why someone like GLOBEX couldn't regulate it. All transactions would flow through one pipeline. If it doesn't flow through the pipeline it isn't valid. Unregulated trading would result in smacking someone's pee pee.
  9. Sorry, I misunderstood.
    I thought you were referring to equity futures.
  10. Neenisti,

    Ask Reuters what happened?...(you need a voluntary global participation for this to work). It just aint' happening...

    Instead now we have the CFTC starting lawsuits and harrassing global Forex dealers for doing business with US residents. In July, the Dodd-Frank Bill will be in full force for the Forex industry, but our government is underfunded at the moment to do anything about it. The whole thing is just wrong and gives residents outside of the USA an unfair advantage to trade Forex. US residents are bridled with a completly different set of rules with leverage, FIFO and hedging...

    The USA always gets it wrong. Look at the PDT rule for equities...instead now all those letters to Senators are from people that lose over 25K rather than the multitudes of pikers. The Senators solved the problem though...the volume of letters were cut drastically. The rest of the world is walking away from the USA and etching-out their own frontiers, while the USA only worries about tax collection at the moment.

    MT4 is the largest global player out there catering to dealers...I believe they are a Russian firm.

    It does not matter if I am a Moderator...I am a trader first...I just watch the spam here.


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