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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by jbuckle7, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. jbuckle7



    I am trying to get a connection through TTFIX to the broker velocity futures on the OpenQuant platform. The credentials they supplied me with work on NinjaTrader (which also uses TTFix) but not on OpenQuant. In the logs (FIX.4.2-V02PRICE-TT_PRICES.messages.log) I find the error

    58=Cannot find session with matching TargetCompId and SenderCompId.

    However I know this is not the case because NinjaTrader can login with the same credentials.

    Any one had this issue?

  2. RedRat


    You should ask the same question at the OpenQuant web site, they have a good support.

    You should not run simultaneously 2 connections, one from NT, other from OQ.
  3. jbuckle7


    Hi Redrat

    I am not running them both at the same time I ran NT to test the connection as OQ was not connecting I have posted in the smartquant forum but no reply as of yet

  4. RedRat


    You can find the FIX log for Ninja.
    It is located in
    documents & settings \ %user% \ My Documents \ NinjaTrader 6.5 \ Trace

    while I could not find here 35=A (login command) :(
    but there is an information about SenderCompID, TargetCompID, server and port

    You should once again compare these parameters with OpenQuant