Open Petition to Larry Kudlow. (Reply to sign)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jackpearson, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Plese stop saying "The Goldilocks Economy. The Greatest Story Never Told".

    You say it 10+ times a night.

    It sounded bad the first time you said it on the first day you said it.

    Spare us. Spare yourself.

    Thank You.
  2. why ...??

    Its true!!

    I love 100% up room to go!!
  3. Couldn't agree with the OP more. Kudlow is a jackass. At least Cramer is mildly entertaining. Kudlow is simply a bag of wind.
  4. I really get tired of this 100% up to go crap...

    its NOT true...

    where do you get this...

    why do you keep posting this...

    its obviously 1000% up to go...




  5. Jonathan


    Dude, chill. Larry Kudlow's pretty cool. He's not hurting anyone and it's funny how he keeps saying it.

    Oh, by the way. This is the greatest story never told!
  6. right here my friend.... all started by the man.... qdz3se... my hero!!

    The government is buying. Why would you sell? See the productivity potential of China, you won't think about sell once. Chinese productivity is where American companies can help and will get big bucks from. Buy now!

    100% up room to go.
  7. The easiest way to get the message across is to switch the channel. :D
  8. eqt tdr: time to switch bud....
  9. Gave up on Kudlow years ago, he has no credibility anymore. Ultimate cheerleader. Guys like Kudlow and Laffer claim this is the best economy ever while denying the fact that it is built on a borrowed deck of cards. Completely unsustainable. Borrowing for investment and borrowing for consumption are two drastically different courses, it is all fine and dandy until it isn't then everyone gets crushed.

    Is it going to happen at this inflection point of the cycle, odds are against it. But the fed is really pinned here between boosting the dollar or crushing the economy. Haven't seen a lot of jawboning to support it but if it goes any lower inflation fears will kick back in. Gold and oil look ready to resume uptrend. I smell the stag. Odds are against but probably greater now than any other time in recent history.

    Go Kudlow Go!
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