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  1. Does anyone have a platform that shows in real-time the contracts traded on the floor?

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    Why would you believe that open outcry data would be useful in terms of pit reporting and timestamp ?

    The fact of the matter is that anyone silly enough to be standing in the pit these days is looking at a TT Order Book.
  3. Its more of an investigation for me. To find more volume, and where it is. I realize pit trading has much less influence now, but I also know lots of areas on the charts do get above average floor volume, and I miss out on that with just the electronic contracts. Just seeing the end-of-day numbers for floor contracts leaves me feeling im half blind.

  4. My most recent attempt was through a 90$ CME package through Tradestation that allowed me to see Time and price of pit data. but no size...

    Can anyone see volume as its happening in the pit? Or even delayed volume data? I hate waiting till the end of the day for a glimpse. Audio helps, but theres gotta be a better way.

  5. What products are you interested in?
  6. just the SP right now. Crude maybe as well, but I hear theres not much pit action for Crude.
  7. Crude trades less than 0.5% of is volume for all months in the pits. the SP trades less than 10K contracts for most days. There is a reason volume data is not available, there is no demand for it...
  8. is it not available anywhere?

    I realize its low.. but especially on new contracts there are multiple days of 50k churn. say 200K.. thats equivilant to value of a million e-minis.. it may sound small still overall, but its pro churn..

    I'd love to see where the guys in the pit are putting the majority of their size.. Even if its only 10,000 contracts for one day, thats still a couple billion dollar of pro activity thats probably not going to go in wrong direction after it breaks.
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    the only activity is on rollover. there are almost no guys in the SP pit.
  10. The "larger" orders sent to the pit represent "smart money". The locals can easily get picked-off trying to lock-in a few ticks against the screen. :eek: :( :mad: :D :p :)
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