Open Letter to Worden Brothers

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  1. Considering you been ignoring my petition I decided to take a more aggressive approach and post it on an open forum

    Until your software freestockcharts and the paid version tc2000 includes snap on lines all technical analysis based on lines is inefficient and inaccurate in your software due to involuntary errors that could easily be corrected via line snapping to highs and lows pivots.

    The gaming that can be done is so frustrating until the above is corrected the software will continue to be subpar at best.

    It takes a professional to understand what I'm saying perhaps someone in your company is one.

    Crazy A
  2. sorry but can't you draw your own lines ? I hate it when a developer starts doing TA with auto lines ans so on .
  3. You can do trendlines, if you could not I would not even consider the software.

    Problem is that Worden does it incorrectly.

    I will explain.

    Say you got two higher lows.

    Let's call them Pivot A and Pivot B.

    Since the software does not snap the line you draw to the pivots.

    User 1 could attach the line a little below pivot B, because the software incorrectly allows you to.

    User 2 could attach the line a little above pivot B, again because the software allows you to.

    Guess where the meeting point for Pivot C will be for them ?

    That's right, completely different!

    The correct way is to offer AN OPTION for the computer to snap the line to the exact low of the pivotal bars you choose so you can get precision for Pivot C to minimize errors on projections

    Until Worden fixes this, their software is useless to technicians using lines, only the most powerful tool in technical analysis!

    Crazy A
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    why fight? switch to Sierrachart.
  5. I believe in options.

    NT does it right.

    TS does it right.

    Sierra does it right.

    ...and so forth, but these morons in Worden Brothers are still in Limbo.

    Crazy A
  6. opm8


    How can charting software in 2011 not snap trendlines? Ridiculous. Worden doesn't seem to care much about its users.
  7. Agreed. People use FreeStockCharts for ease, they shouldn't have to zoom in and take extra time to be precise when the application could do it for them. The lack of this feature is a big reason I no longer use FreeStockCharts.
  8. qitrader


    I concur. Please add snap to bar/price in FreeStockCharts
  9. com'on you just have to draw the lines properly. I am against anything that takes away discretion from the user, some chart packages have auto trendlines for example, complete nonsense from developpers who don't know much about real life TA. Besides trendline analysis is not a science, you don't want to have a rule that says it snaps to the lows , or the highs.

    What I would tell Worden (freestockcharts) is to fix the expand chart function, you can't see the whole daily data for 10 years for example, THAT sucks.
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    +1, i second this opinion.

    its ridiculous that charting software does not offer something as simple as snapped lines.
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