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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by gunslinger, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Dear Baron,

    I have enjoyed your website for several years. At first it was for trading help, now it is entertainment (which is a good thing). The segregation of pol/rel was a good idea, as both forum at times can be good for a few giggles.

    I have no problem with others' view points, and in fact, encourage it. However, there has recently been a problem in which one person under several aliases (or several people) have been manipulating view counts of their neo-nazi threads. I know that you are aware of it, but saying it is all part of the "free speech" here on ET is unacceptable. By not taking action you are allowing ET help get these threads closer to the "top of the page" when people do a legitimate search.

    I dont think that you envisioned your unique trading site to become a cesspool of racism. My suggestion would be to eliminate the pol/rel forum, and have mods delate all threads relating to pol or race. And get back the integrity of the site by keeping it on trading and chit chat.

    At the very least I expect some action regarding the current topic. I said in the other thread that Im sure a Lot of your sponsors would not be thrilled to read that you have not put a stop to this.
  2. BSAM


    You're worried 'bout the wrong thang.
  3. Oh Shut up you dumb ass ____________!!???????

    I'd insult you but i need to know your race...Could you please let me know your religious and ethnic back groung so I can slur your properly?

    Thank you in advance for your help


  4. I retract what I wrote. You obviously have your vision for the site, and I wish you luck.

    However i no longer want to participate on this site I would like to be self banned.
  5. Turok


    >I would like to be self banned.

    LOL -- well, then ... consider yourself self banned .

  6. I like this concept....Im self banning myself from beer...lets see who last longer Gunslinger or me.
  7. I'm not sure when the following occurred but it went something like this...

    Too many traders were posting off-topic stuff in the trading threads here at ET.

    It was so common that the moderators couldn't police it all.

    Then some very active members wanted a seperate area for such discussions.

    Birth the Chit Chat.

    However, that area got crazy sort'uv speak.

    I think ET closed it or something like that and once again the chit chat folks started polluting the trading threads.

    Once again the moderators couldn't keep up with them and Chit Chat was reopen.

    However, Chit Chat wasn't enough and things got crazy again.

    Baron or Joe then post an open message asking for anyone wanting to be a moderator to contact them.

    Few were interested in being a moderator due to the limitations moderators had outside their own threads.

    I myself volunteered but only if I had moderator abilities across all threads instead of being limited to one particular thread.

    Well, no return reply. :cool:

    Anyways, somewhere after things got crazy in Chit Chat a few active folks wanted a Political & Religion thread.

    Well, ET made one and things were ok for a short while.

    Next, Baron took the Chit Chat off it's main page (visitors couldn't see it) unless they went directly into the forum itself.

    Next, I started noticing some threads didn't have moderators or the moderators had their pm and email turned off...clever. :cool:

    I also notice some moderators participating in problem threads.

    Heck, I even saw two particular moderators regularly attack sponsors.

    I said to

    Simply, don't get rid of Chit Chat nor the Political & Religion threads.

    I don't want to see that crap being posted in the trading threads (history repeating itself).

    Instead, get more and better moderators...

    Preferably someone that can be contacted, someone that's active and someone that doesn't tolerate crap being posted at ET.

    Like I said before...if Baron lets me be a moderator for awhile across ALL THREADS...

    I'll clean the place up and I won't take any prisoners. :cool:

    While I'm at it, if allowed, I would BAN about 72 active members that are already on my hit list.

    No warning what so ever...first thing I would do in my new ET office is exercise my BAN list.

    Come on...make my day. :cool:

  8. Very few people can boycott ET, the ET addiction is just too powerful. Ask atticus who has a 8 post a day addiction, he made 3 attempts within a few weeks and failed, he even tried to organize a mass boycott of ET members but then made over 50 posts in a few days, it was sad to see him struggle with his ET addiction.

    I myself am trying to get down to less than a post a day. I'm at 1.7 posts a day now and don't think I can make.
  9. Why don't you just work on your own message board, if you still have it? I'm sure your ideas, put into action, would make your own message board the cream of the crop in no time.

    If your ideas had any merit, we'd all be over there and Baron would be asking you for dictator power in “your” kingdom.
  10. Fact:

    * Baron doesn't have enough moderators.

    * Baron needs more active moderators that has access to more than one thread as in multiple threads.

    With that said, I don't have any unusual ideas because Baron has his own well written ideas at the below link...

    I guess its ok to use them. :cool:

    Thus, I would actually enforce the Terms of Use or Conduct Rule policy that Baron has in place without bias...

    Nothing more and nothing less.

    As one moderator told me before...if I did that I wouldn't be welcome here anymore. :p

    Yet, reality is that ET has gone for so long without having enough moderators and without having unbias moderators that any one that comes along to enforce the Conduct Rules...

    There would be total chaos and a mob gathered at ET front door along with Baron losing a lot of money in the short term due to mutiny of many members.

    Simply, is ET catering to traders or catering to all that other junk that makes it a popular place to revisit. :confused:

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