Open eCry's OEC Trader v.3.4

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  1. Since I can't trade, thought I'd see if any OEC customers are up and running yet this morning on the new release? Software has been trying to reconnect for 45 mins. now to no avail! A phone call to OEC says they are working on it.

    I can't understand how a new release is not thoroughly checked out before it is launched! I try not to jump to conclusions but the outage HAS to be from the new release because OEC has been flawless for many many months until now...

    This was press release last week and included a fancy new OEC logo!
    Open E Cry LLC
    August 25, 2009

    OEC Production Mandatory Release Notification (v. 3.4).

    Please note: On Friday August 28, 2009 (after the close) the OEC Production (LIVE Trading) environment will be upgraded to version 3.4. This is a mandatory upgrade and will affect all clients using the LIVE Trading version of the software.

    This version upgrade will include the following enhancements:
    New Installer - Will enable clients to custom install plugins and components to suit their trading style / needs
    Average Pricing System (APS) for Allocation Blocks
    Chart Updates - Addition of Month, Week, Day and Second Bars and a Tick Counter for Tick Charts
    Note: MOO Pit and MOC Pit Order Types have been removed in this release
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

    Best Regards,
    Client Services
    Open E Cry LLC
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    10:10 am NYT and still keeps logging off. Hopefully they will fix this soon. Does anyone know when they will offer Asian markets? I was told this was happening a few weeks ago, thought it might be in this update but doesn't look like it.
  3. let's send them 1wks at blizzard ( world of warcraft ) to learn how to release...
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    No quotes here too
  5. jimmyrey


    quotes everything dead.

    In fact i've been having delays during the last hour of trading for a week or two now -

    i'm guessing that this problem today is more to do with their s/w release over the weekend?

    anyone know the official line?

    I use OEC as my backup broker and mirus and Zenfire as my main broker - i noticed the delays cause z/f was fine but oec were way behind and at times it sorta died.
  6. I am getting data, but it is about 30-60 seconds delayed compared to E-signal.