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  1. I love how a new mandatory update went in this past weekend. Had nothing but problems since the "update". Today I can't even logon. Getting Connect to OEC server failed. Please, check your internet connection. Tried their online "live" help only to receive a message "sorry, all representatives are currently busy assisting other customers....blah, blah".

    Luckily I have other accounts elsewhere. Anyone else having problems?
  2. It takes a very special person to trade with the OpenEcry platform.
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    Overall it is ok if you're not a daytrader.
    They are typically fast at resolving troubles. Platform has been a pain since the upgrades started.
  4. I think that's it. When I moved a account from IB over a year ago, everything was great. I've noticed in the past couple of upgrades they've been moving to drop constant connections. Now it's practically impossible to adjust stops quickly online. I guess I'll close the account.
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    i have been with OEC for almost 2yrs. they have had little problems here and there, but what broker doesn't. overall, very happy. my AR has been great. fees were competitively negotiable. DOM order entry did what i needed it to do.

    since upgrade ... very uncool. sure, the upgrade looks nice - when it works - but i have lost some coin because it didn't work. frequent and sporadic disconnects. lagging quotes. laggind entries. and now instead of chatting with my AR via the trade app (like i have done for ... almost 2yrs) i'm advised to send an email to support. okay. i did that. several emails between monday AM and today. not one reply.

    today was slightly better but still had disconnects and laggind order entries.

    any suggestions?

    right now here is my scenario:

    1. $4/rt all-in
    2. no platform fee
    3. no volume quota
    4. no acct balance min
    5. USED to be able to call and immediately be connected with a real person

    also, i fully realize there are quirks, glitches, and so forth in new roll-outs. no problem. this upgrade rolled out 12/18 in the PM and is still not acceptable. how much longer should it take? and since OEC doesn't do charts and other adds, it seems like this would be pretty straight forward.

    anyway, any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

    take care :)


    BTW: i have an IB acct but use it mostly just for data.
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    Same here I posted a comment to the online chat AR and was told to send to support which I was ok with since it was technically a support thing. I did get a timely response but I got it from two people for the same question and one of them was the AR that I had sent the original to. :)

    I personally was not happy that I had to install .NET for this newest upgrade. I have avoided it up til now. I can comment that I haven't had problems but I didn't use the recommended 1.1 of .NET but only installed 2.0. Don't know what if most installed 1.1.

    Overall they are a very qood broker.

    my 2 cents worth.

  7. I've been with them for about 15 months now. Agree that this new platform was not ready for primetime.

    I don't daytrade but would not want to be daytrading on this new platform until the bugs are worked out. I'm using it for the bulk of my trading though (pit).

    But looking at the big picture - I am satisfied that the owners and staff at OEC are doing everything in their power to fix the situation ASAP. The critical thing for me is that my orders are going through and fills are coming back - albeit a little slower on the report back of fills but prices of fills are still as good as ever.

    I would trade technical bugs any day for a broker who cares about its customers and provides the excellent type of service that the OEC staff do. I was previously at a large public company broker with a very nice efficient platform. But the customer service was terrible - outright rude. Others may have different needs/priorities but I do significant volume in the pits and in that regard, OEC support and responsivenss has been second to none.

    So yes, technical problems are annoying and frustrating - and I have been frustrated the past few day also. But at the end of the day, I'm satisfied that the issues are being addressed in an appropriate manner.
  8. Spoke with Justin about the problems. This is all new software (complete re-write). The connectivity problems are on the server side. A patch was put in this morning and so far I'm golden.

    I told him about some of the other problems I'm seeing (no research window updates, current p/l not updating, dom screen highlighting multiple prices when I move the mouse over them).

    I think they're making a honest effort to get it right. I have .net 1.1 but it doesn't sound like that has been an issue.

    I also asked him to give us some heads up when these upgrades are coming. I hadn't logged in since Friday and was caught Monday morning when I went to trade.

    I'm going to give them some more time. It's the least I can do since they've been so responsive.

    Justin, you're the best.
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    let hope so, getting back had been kind of slow though!
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    thanks for the posts guys. i didn't start the thread, but appreciate the various input from other OEC traders.

    i too hope they can get everything opertional quickly. i would rather not have to start shopping brokers again. i was just pretty surprised they released this version with so many problems. i figured they would have a lot of live testing to help work out the issues that we are seeing.

    take care :)

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