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    Anyone have good or bad to say about open ecry or infinity futures. I do like the OEC software and the fact that charts and exhcnages are free.
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    opec will screw up trades.
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    Infinity demo was some more speedy as OEC demo
    Infinity alsov more stable ,as need not downloading of 25 mb of .net
  4. The question as posed asks only about the knowledge and expertise of the broker or representative employed by the brokerage house, OEC or Infinity.

    On that account, using a 1-5 scale, the higher the better, OEC=4, Infinity=5.
    At Infinity, your "rep" is a broker. In my experience, the Infinity broker staff is top-notch. At OEC, your "rep" may or may not be a broker, but in all cases, in my experience, OEC reps are multi-faceted as opposed to expert.

    Your question should be; "who offers clearing (instruments), software, and fees conducive for my trading?" OEC clears though Rand, RJ O'brien, and Triland. You can't choose. Infinity offers clearing through RCG, Man, and Transact. Platform choice determines. On this account, using the 1-5 scale from before, based on my experience with these clearing FCMs, Rand=5, RJO=5, Triland=N/A, RCG=5, Man=3, Transact=5

    Always check the most recent FCM financials:

    Always check for RECENT compliance issues:
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    Care to elaborate on why you would rate MAN at 3?
    Thank you in advance.
  6. ninjatrader zen-fire
  7. Only one compliance issue, for Infinity:
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    Infinity offer alsov FX spot

    ProEdgeFX ,

    Some source's stated that is Nodealing desk

    microlot as 1000$ offered and than can be usefull by "floating bet"
    Minimum risk lower as 1$ against
    future more as 10$ (spread + fees for R/T)

    Any realistic opinion would appreciated
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    ninjatrader zen-fire

    Tested ,it is lot MB to download .It would source of instability
    From platform's for which must pay ,CTS t4
    (dorman) have made better impression as
    X-TRader and Ninja
  10. Man at 3 is way to high the reson they are so crap at theretail end is they dont care about it the have a massive instition and funds base. I worked there afetr they acquired GNI so I know. Stay away from the big brokers they dont care about you really. Transact are good so are Open E cry. I have to use IB as I trade Asia but will look to change back to Open E cry once they start offeringthe Asia products
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