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  1. Hello,

    I tried a demo of OEC
    It seems a good platform. I did a search on this board and found that some users have had many issues

    How things are now?

    Second question regards time and sales
    For what reason OEC platform does not offer it for futures?

    Live feed is the same as demo feed of more fast?

    Any opinion would be appreciated

  2. rickf


    Their trading platform is/was pretty solid -- I used it for a few years until 2010 when I took a forray into TradeStation. While I love TS, since I'm not trading on a daily basis, I can't justify their platform fee + the various data fees, nor do I believe in minimum-trades to justify them waiving the platform costs.

    Ergo I am considering going back to OEC and using MultiCharts as my front-end so I can keep my existing TS strategies/stuff intact and not worry about data or recurring platform fees.

    When I was at OEC they had a few data hiccups (who doesn't at the retail level) but on the whole I was fairly impressed with them and their service. My only quirk with them from what I can tell at the moment is that their documentation seems a bit stale and as such you need to give yourself more time to figure things out. But a minor quibble. Their platform is solid and a really good product IMHO.
  3. Thanks.

    Do you know if it's real that there's an extra $0.75 fees for execution through Multicharts?
  4. rickf

    rickf need to ask them.
  5. 1) Very solid, been good (knock on wood). When it goes out, ET will light up w/ posts.

    2) Not sure why no T&S. I know it's been asked before.

    3) Live is different from sim. Sim has it's own feed to my knowledge. I think OEC's sim is solid, but I do think live is a different feed.

    If OEC trader charts are not enough, you can plug data into MC and other platforms so that's nice. At least you can save data fees, which is nice. If you want to open a bond chart, got the data. If you want to open an oil chart, got the data. etc etc
  6. I opened a small account with them couple months ago to see if it was any good. I've never been treated so poorly by their customer service in all my trading years. Not to mention their commissions are too high.

    Needless to say I'll be closing that account and moving the $$$ into one of my other accounts.

    As far as the platform its just ok, no time and sales for futures which I use quite often. It freezes every once in a while but overall solid.
  7. What are you talking about?

    They provide Last trade, last trade size and exchange time stamp.
    what are you looking for TT style time and sales screen?

  8. hitnrun


    most of the futures platforms do Not offer time & sales

    The only platform that i know that offers time & sales is Ninjatrader

    most the equity platforms have time & sales . standard typically
  9. From what I know you have to pay an extra fee to trade through MC.
    If you want to use MC only for charts, OEC give you the same user and password to login MC?
  10. larssan


    I've used OEC the last year and i'm happy with the platform and fills.
    I also use MC but I've never had to pay extra?! Sounds very strange...
    If they would bring that up I would just use another broker..

    Anyway, I've tried a lot of brokers and would gladly recommend OEC.
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